Using VoiceOver on iPhone – Basic Audio-Course in ten hours (in Persian)

The ViBS Association presents:

Using VoiceOver on iPhone – Basic Audio-Course in ten hours (in Persian)

Step by Step

Produced and directed by Shahraam

The first lesson includes:

  • introducing iPhone
  • accessories such as handsfree, external keyboard, flash memory etc.
  • using the “Help” funktion of iPhone

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The second lesson is about the “Home Screen” and the “Status Bar”.
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Lesson three is about arranging apps and folders.
We will also continue the section “Navigation on Home Screen”.
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In lesson 4 we’ll have a look on “settings” and do a simple update.
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Lesson five includes the 2nd part of “Settings”.
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In lesson six we’ll study the settings of VoiceOver, explore the App-Store and download an app.
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In lesson seven we’ll learn to use the e-mail-app of iPhone.

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Lesson eight includes:

  • The second part of email
  • Organizing and editing contacts<
  • Writing and sending Messages

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In lesson nine we’ll complete the section “E-mail” and introduce some browsers like Safari, Firefox, Chrome etc.
We’ll also talk about the voice memos: recording and editing of audio notes
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Lesson 10 introduces Dropbox as a simple way for transfering files.

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In lesson eleven extra we’ll speak about Google Drive, One Drive and iCloud Drive.
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Lesson twelve is about IOS 10.1.3.
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