About Us – Aims and Issues of the Association ViBS

  • 1) The association is pollitically, ethnically and religiously neutral.
  • 2) The association is a non-profit and non-commertial organisation which pursues exclusively non-profit and non-commertial/charitable goals.
    The main purpose of the association is to support people who require extra-help and advice and/or the promotion of education.

    Aims and goals of the Vibs E.V. (the association of Iranian and originally Iranian blind and visually impaired people) based on paragraph 2 of the mission statement

    • a. Addressing questions about blindness and visual impairment by an international network of people who are themselves blind or visually impaired.
    • b. Giving advise to Persian-speaking blind and visually impaired people for a better and more effective communication with authorities and governmental organisations.
    • c. Facilitating the contact between blind/visually impaired people and the organisations serving them in the countries they live in.
    • d. Exchange of experiences and information about the latest social, educational and technological development regarding blindness and visual impairment.
    • e. Supporting international cooperation between private and governmental agencies serving blind and visually impaired people and the Iranian organisations for the blind, by planning and organising seminars, particularly advancing education programs for this population in Iran.
    • f. Informing people about the latest researches in science and technology concerning blindness and visual impairment by offering lectures, seminars and presentations.
    • g. Contacting and advising companies regarding barrier-free products and accessibility, specially for Persian-speaking blind and visually impaired people.

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