Downloading Files from this Website

You can download files from this Website very easily:

Please maximise your monitor (alt + space, x) in order to see all items on the site.
Otherwise you’ll see the menu-button on top.

If you click on “menu” you’ll have the choice between three languages: German (Deutsch), English and farsi (فارسی).
You’ll also find other permanent links (pages).
For downloading the audio-files with your iPhone:

1. Click “Download”.

2. After this the player begins to play the audio-file.

3. Click the “Exit Fullscreen” button on the bottom of the screen to stop the player.

4. Then you’ll be directed to another site. You’ll see “Strtt Playback” on top of this site.

5. Please choose the item “Share” on the buttom of your screen.

6. And save the file to your iPhone.
We recommend the “Dropbox” as saveing location.

For all questions send an e-mail: