Bahram Shahbazi introduces DotWalker – A GPS App for Android

First you’ll hear some general information about GPS.
Then you’ll get to know the menu, the structure and the options of DotWalker by many practical examples.

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Duration: 54 minutes
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What is DotWalker?
DotWalker is a travel assistant application primarily designed for blind and visually impaired users but it also enables eyes free control for everybody else.
This application provides navigation tools by handling a set of discrete points, which can be approached in several modes of control.

  • Next, you can use a talking compass if you feel like you might have lost your way.
  • Routes can be created manually, on the move simply by shaking the device, or with the help of Google maps direction service.
  • Points of interest can be enhanced by recording audio labels or linked to other media sources.
  • Special approach mode directs you to the desired point by announcing direction and distance.
  • Open street maps, can also be imported into DotWalker.
  • And some more options

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Using VoiceOver on iPhone – Basic Audio-Course in ten hours (in Persian)

The ViBS Association presents:

Using VoiceOver on iPhone – Basic Audio-Course in ten hours (in Persian)

Step by Step

Produced and directed by Shahraam

The first lesson includes:

  • introducing iPhone
  • accessories such as handsfree, external keyboard, flash memory etc.
  • using the “Help” funktion of iPhone

Download Lesson 1 here
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The second lesson is about the “Home Screen” and the “Status Bar”.
Download Lesson 2
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Lesson three is about arranging apps and folders.
We will also continue the section “Navigation on Home Screen”.
Download Lesson 3
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